wingcharm (wingcharm86) wrote in add_me,

wingcharm says hello ^^

A human being who is easily mistaken as an alien. Usually quiet. Suddenly smiles or laughs. Screams near roaches. Hugs kitties. Frustrated photographer. No sense of direction. Can't sleep without mosquito net. Snobbish. Absent minded. Childish. Silly. Careless. Squid phobic. Japanophile. Interested in useless/crazy stuffs. Has random taste in music. Loves fashion but wears trashy clothes. Curious minded. Bookworm. And simply crazy. That's me.

My page is literally a diary. I just write random stuffs about my day. So if you want to have a light read of real life episodes, may it be boring, weird, dramatic, common or adventurous experiences, then you might relate with me. ^^

Feel free to comment. I absolutely welcome ANY thoughts (just no spamming ok)

And oh, If I love your page I'll surely add you in my watch list coz' I love reading and commenting to posts that I can relate with. Seriously.


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