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Hello ~

I am DarkShadowRose1 ~ And yes, I am new to this site. Though I must say, I really enjoy it! ^^

Hmm..What should you know about me?

I'm 17, finishing my High School Career, and heading off to college to continue my education. Hoping to either become a nurse or a famous writer, whichever one can happen!

Writing, I love it ~ It's the thing that helps with my stress and lets me talk and get out my feelings in a way nothing else can.

I write Original Work, and Fanfiction! Yu-Gi-Oh Fanfiction!

Ah, the anime about Children's Card Games! Yesh, I love it like crazy, always have, and I don't see myself stopping anytime soon!

Fave Characters? Bakura Ryo and Yami Bakura!

I also love to draw, though I don't post anything because I don't have a scanner, however I can make some very pretty sideshows of other pictures! XD

So, that is some info about me, see ya ~

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