br_andedbyarose (br_andedbyarose) wrote in add_me,

 Hi guys! Im new to this community, and was hoping to make friends on here! Im 17, graduating high school this year, and cross my fingers going to be going to one of the best universities in the PROVINCE (alberta).  Im going to be going for nursing. :)
living in a small town currently. 
My interests are anything thats interesting. Mostly, though, when im on here, im looking for my fandom fill, which right now is Megamind and naruto! 
links on my page to only my favebook and deviantart right now, but will have more later!
Hobbies: drawing, school (yes it feels like one sometimes) anything artsy, and reading comic books!
but enough about me. hit me up and let me hear whats goin on with you!
I say grumpy drawf in the title...cause I come in a a height of 5'3...I have turners syndrome, and if I hadn't taken my growth hormone (medically-accepted steroids, I swear) I would be about 4'9 or shorter. Grumpy cause you dont wanna see me tired lol not fun!

So yeah,  if you wanna make good brownie points at first impression, send me a pic of a hot guy lol :)

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