Lexi. (xxbanelo) wrote in add_me,

Hello, I'm Lexi. I ramble a lot about nothing.

I talk mostly about school and video games. Lately, I've kind of been a Negative Nancy, but I'm trying to break free from that habit, as it doesn't really reflect the kind of person I really am? I think it's more of a "I get caught up in the moment" type thing, and I talk(/type) before I think about what I really want to say.

Things I might blog about would include: cute animals, video games, the Frank West guy from Dead Rising, school, how awful California is (although I'll probably never move), and my lack of jobs/internships/money. Although, I'm hoping that last one changes soon! Because I'd really like some money to go out and have some sort of a life. Watching B-Horror movies via Netflix is getting a little old. =/

My favorite time of the year is NaNoWriMo. ...and my birthday. =D

I don't really write anything long and/or descriptive - unless I feel compelled, which happens from time to time. Although, my comments to others tend to be long-winded, so I apologize in advance! <3

So, I'm not really sure what else to put here... um, I like to be friends with basically everyone who can tolerate me. If there's anything vitally important I forgot to put here that you'd like to know before adding me or something, feel free to ask me!

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