Liluenhen (liluenhen) wrote in add_me,

Another one bites the dust.

Hi. My name is Noora, I'm from Finland. Yeah, yeah, it's cold and snowy but no polar bears, okay?

I've never really liked these introduction thingies, so here's just some basic stuff about me.

I'm 26 years old.
I'm living with my boyfriend who's probably the best man there is - for me at least.
I have 3 dogs and 3 cats. No kids. Yet.
I currently work in a small hospital. I still haven't decided what I'm going to be when I 'grow up'.
I'm an eager writer. I couldn't live without music. I love cooking too.
I love colors but hardly wear anything besides black or other dark colors.
I love quiet mornings, coffee, chain smoking, fresh grass, etc.
I dream of seeing the pyramids, take a tour in every museum in London, hide in the hectic rush in New York.
I think of myself as a creative person who likes to work with her hands. I enjoy knitting, sewing, making jewelry, restoring old furniture and oh if only I could draw better...

So there's a decent start, I think? I really don't think of myself as an interesting person and I dislike sort of advertising myself. I'm no one special, just someone who wants to go through life enjoying every moment and all the little things. Someone who can't live without animals and dreams of having a big family someday. Who knows she's met her match - using that word in its every meaning - and even won his heart and is basically in a Nirvana-like state of mind for that.

If you're a sort of shy person with a lot to say too, then add me. I write randomly, sometimes many times a day, sometimes once a week. I just started this new LJ so it's a good time to hop in to the adventure with me. Just remember, that I comment as much as you do and I dislike lurkers so I'm really expecting to be at least somehow connected to the people on my f-list in time.

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