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My name's Hannah, I'm from England but I haven't lived there for five months.

I'm twenty.
I live in Latvia.
I speak English.
I can understand a fair bit of German although I can't speak it myself.
I'm learning two languages, neither of which are German.
I'm a volunteer.
I can't live without tea.
I love cats (I have two in England and one in here, the latter of which isn't really mine).
I prefer to write numbers as words instead of figures, unless it's the temperature (no idea why this is different).
I love to draw.
I'm a family historian, at least I have been tracing my family tree since I was eight.
I love snow, but not when it's -25C.
The first time I ever went sledging was two weeks ago and I enjoyed every minute of it.
I also love to read.
I've been a gymnast (trampolining) almost my entire life and I miss it a lot even though I was never very good at it.
I often spend my weekends cooking or having adventures in the countryside with my flatmate and friends.
In September this year I hope to go to university to study art.
I love photography and I miss having a camera.
There's always music playing here.

My blog is mostly a continuation of my travel blog about my year abroad, although it started as just a general place to write and will continue as such when my year here ends.

Please comment if you add me :)


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