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Starving Artist and Consummate Nerd

 I live in Central Illinois, work full time at a dead-end job, attend school half-time for a programming degree I recently realized I don't really want, and spend as much time as possible making/drawing/painting/dressing-as...whatever.  Recent obsessions include steampunk and genre-savvy super-heroes (with as much noir as tolerable), and modding nerf guns (performance and paint).  I feel I should state after that last part that I'm 25, relatively hansom, and left the nest seven years ago. :D (also I use emoticons shamelessly)

I just came to LJ and mostly lurk in the megamind_movie community.  I have posted pictures of costumes and projects and will be posting random thoughts at random (a large topic will probably be my ongoing search for the right costuming school).

Also I'm madly in love with ArrowTibbs...

So that's me in a nut-shell.  It's a pleasure to meet your acquaintance.

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