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Let me entertain you (in which I mean bore you witless)

Name - heffermonkey . Well actually my real name is Louisa and as you can already tell, my username is heffermonkey - the name came about through a bout of name calling between myself and one of my most awesometastic friends. It's how we bond, calling each other names - I called her something that I won't say here (delicate eyes and all that), I got called a heffermonkey - a nickname was born. It's how we roll.

Place of living - a house. In the North East of the UK. On the coast, where the northern lights are the apparent reason why my internet, tv and landlines were all off for several hours recently. Which to me is like me saying to a teacher that the dog ate my homework. Of course, all the news channels are also saying that Solar Flares/Northern Lights are affecting electrics etc and all of that, still sounds lame when you're broadband provider gives you that excuse. Just saying. Of course most of my friends find it hilariously funny, but my experience of solar flares (avid Stargate fan and general sci fi weak geek/nerd here) is that if they get in the way of a wormhole, they can send you to alternate realities or back/forward in time. Nowhere in these shows does it says that they will also disconnect your itnernet, tv and telephones for an insane amount of hours. They do realise, life as we know it revolves around all these things don't they?

Stargate. Just going to get that one out there - I love Stargate, the movie, the shows, the two other movies they did for SG1 after the show ended. Sanctuary, the pretty much sister show of Stargate, or at least a cousin, because everyone who's been in Stargate is bound to show up at least once in Sanctuary. FACT.

Land Comms - they are an addiction. I'm part of three, possibly amount to cut down to two just for time and enjoyment factor. But then I can't find it in me to ditch out of one. I won't say which ones I'm (to avoid inadvertent advertising of other comms).  But if you're really that interested you can check out my journo page.

Fanfic - I write a lot of fanfic, which is posted at my journo. I also love reading fanfic within my fandoms. I think it's a great 'hobby' to be involved with. My fandoms atm are The Mentalist, Hawaii Five 0 (the revamp show) & Stargate. I also write in the Due South & Robin Hood fandom primarily although I try my hand at anything if the plot bunnies attack.

I write original fic as well, currently making a half hearted attempt to finish off the Nano entry I started in 2009 which was a failed attempt at NaNoWriMo but I love the characters I started to create and the story.
I successfully completed NaNoWriMo last year in which I wrote a Due South/Hawaii Five O crossover. I say sucessful only in that I reached the 50,000 words. The fic has yet to be finished but I'm slowly going through an editing process as well as slowly working towards and ending.

I also make the odd graphic post, mainly for landcomm entries - I don't pretend to be the Banksy of icon/picspams/wallpapers/banners but I do like making them on occasion. Especially when I'm in the mood to icon the hell out of some TV show which has been awesome, like the Alfie/Minnie moments in the last Lark Rise episode, or all of Mike and Molly.

Some of my posts can be random, short, mini and rarely epic. In fact they are never epic, they just exist to exist. I made a determined promise to myself to be more personal in my postings this year - still hasn't happened but hey we're only halfway through Feb.

I tend to rave/rant/generally muse over TV shows, movies, the occasional book or if something really bothers me (politics, news stories, general arseyness of people).

Other random likes -

Tv - The Mentalist, Hawaii Five O, Downton Abbey, Lark Rise to Candleford, Due South, Sex & the City, Mike and Molly, Hot in Cleaveland. BBC costume dramas, classic comedy shows. Stargate (SG1, SGA, SGU), Star Trek (TNG and the revamp mainly), Firefly, Sanctuary.
Movies - I never watch horror, have no interest in Vampire movies - or Harry Potter. I like comedy, the odd rom com, indepedents, classics. I have an un-healthy obsession with the 80's, John Hughes was legend.

I also like - all the seasons, kittens, cats, puppies, dogs, chocolate, coffee, the smell of cut grass, shopping, dancing, zumba, writing and not acting my age (which is 30, if you'd like to know).

so yeah - just a little insight into the world of me. always interested in making friends - I'm a nosey bugger and love lurking through friends lists in search of random squeeage.

ADD ME pleasekaithanksomuch ;p

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