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I'm determined to start using my lj more often, so I figured this would be a good ruddy thing to start with...

I'm Hannah, 26, live in the UK, I work in a boring local government office and I am a slight geek. By which I mean I love love love comic books, am a complete music nerd, and tend to get slightly obsessive about TV shows. Also a tad into films. The biggest love in my life is my bed, or laying about and being comfortable in general.

I love anything, ANYTHING by Alan Moore. Zombie comics are also a big favourite, as is anything by Neil Gaiman, Frank Miller, the usual Marvel and DC stuff, and I'm just starting to get into more independent comics too. I too also read 'real' books (some people I know are totally snobby about comics), I'm not fussy, anything from Oscar Wilde and other classics, to Stephen King and Chuck Bukowski.

I'm not even going to go into music I love... Again not fussy, I can find something of merit in nearly every kind of music. I live for it. Pretty much the same with films.

TV shows - recently obsessed with BSG, it's the best thing I've ever seen on TV, even better than the Wire. I'm a lifelong X-Files nut, but my current true love is House, mainly because I want to bone him.

In general I'm a bit of a twat, prone to extreme laziness and eating ridiculous amounts of food, which is why I've just started running. Which hurts quite a lot, but it's better than getting fatter than I already am. I also tend to be quite miserable at times, so sometimes my lj is pretty much doom and gloom, and I'm not the biggest fan of a lot of people, so there's normally quite a lot of ranting.

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