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My second post in which I will use images to make my points.

Hello! Hallo! 你好!
Please don't be confused, I assure you my journal is 99.9% English. I am learning German, my college major, and Chinese, my minor. This is my second post on add_me because this page eats entries so fast my f-list is overflowing with entries every few hours. Last time I did my add me post fairly normal with the 'hi this is what i like, blah blah blah' and this time I'd like to present the same information in a more visual way!

My nickname is Oreo, but I also go by Mi-chan. If you absolutely must know my real name.. I won't tell you because that's just creepy. Now, below the cut I'm gonna have a small pic spam depicting some of my favorite people and things so... if you know or recognize anyone please comment and add me! :D

Feel free to ask if anything/anyone looks interesting to you! And to make your own mosaic go here.

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