Minaal (Judd) (bendmyfire) wrote in add_me,
Minaal (Judd)

Just so you know...

Hey there guys, My name is Minaali. I am sixteen years old and from the wonderfully exotic land of Sri Lanka. I guess you could say I'm not exactly the most 'normal' person around, but I mean that in the most positive way, I assure you. From as far back as I recall, I've always been passionate about photography, writing and design...so I tend to ramble about those topics quite a lot.

I have many phases and obsessions, but a few that I've stuck with throughout are McFly, Cricket,  Harry Potter, Criminal Minds, Merlin and How I Met Your Mother. I am, however, part of a million other fandoms that would take wayy too long to list. I'm also quite a k-pop freak at heart! XD

As an LJ friend, I read all my friends entries every day and comment maybe 80% of the time? (Somedays when I'm busy, I just skim through the page) So, if anyone thinks that I sound interesting enough, please add me and comment on my f/o post because I am currently lacking active friends. ♥

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