deidararulez (deidararulez) wrote in add_me,

Hey there!:)

I'm Jesus (Hey-zeus) and I'm an 18-year-old guy who would love to make new friends especially those who share similar interests with me.

I absolutely love J-rock which is why I made this lj in the first place.xD
It's not the only thing I'm into though.
I'm a gamer. I love playing Halo 3 or Reach with my friends. I play COD, too, but it gets boring at times.
I play those online, but I also have so many other games.:D hehe
I like Anime and Manga....used to be more of a fanatic, but not as much anymore. I still love having my collection, though.:)
I'm sort of a neat freak when I feel like it.>.>
I'm kind to those who deserve it.
I have my depressive moments, but they always go away if I keep myself entertained.:)
My journal will not always be about one certain subject, so expect random thoughts popping up.
My journal is not full of entries, but that's because I just started using my journal.:)
Feel free to add me as I'd like to meet new people.:D
It's always fascinating to read what other people think.

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