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Hi everyone

Hi everyone~

My name is Newien, 25 years old, male, single and currently in grad school for Dutch Law.

My hobbies include: Gaming, writing Poetry, a little bit of anime/cosplay, (street)dancing and soccer.

I love horror movies (for the twists) and psychological thrillers.

My blogposts mostly contain a mix of personal stuff, stuff that I see around me or is news for me, geek posts about videogames/anime or something related and inspiring poems/quotes or inspiring events that crossed my path or put a smile on my face. The tone is mostly happy but sometimes when I feel down I might get into a depressing post and vent my feelings.

Shows: Currently I watch; How I met your mother, The Big Bang Theory, Glee and Spartacus every week.

I'm pro volunteers-work, I tend to help out at anime conventions and I've helped out twice in Hospitals reading for children or helping out at christmas. I sometimes help out highschool kids with their studies too :)

To summarize: I'm what you call a bit of a closet-geek XD

I'm openminded, I love reading entries and learning more about other people. So if you're interested don't be shy and add me! :)


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