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I joined this group a couple days ago but never actually got around to posting. I have done several blogs... all of which failed horribly. So I am trying... yet again. *fingers crossed* However... most of my friends only "blog" on facebook & I want to connect with people outside of my friends list.

*I'm almost 20
*I will blog about almost anything... from venting over a sh*tty day I've had to a poem I wrote
*I feel as if rules were meant to be broken... so I try to break the sterotypical mold as much as possible
*I usually speak (or type in this case) without thinking... so I either appear really dumb or like a complete b*tch

** Overall I am a really fun, laid-back, openminded, bubbly person. I don't take a lot of crap & that seems to frustrate people (around here anyway)...

Hopefully I have sparked your interest :)




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