Adrian (adrian_and_sela) wrote in add_me,


Let's see. I 'll try this again.

I'm Adrian, 21, fun-loving spaceship, gamer, mathematician, musician and half a bottle of Silly with added random.
I'm quiet but talk a lot, love drawing swords and spiky things, listening to music, bleh blehhh the usual. And I post quite regularly, but don't expect any in-depth moral discussions! You'll probably get Kirby though. Or, or purple things, like oranges, which aren't purple, which is just what I said.

I play guitar more times each day than I run around pretending to be a mad squirrel, and if you recognized Ness in my picture then all the more to add me.

And I shan't go on about what movies and music I like because YOU MIGHT ALL RUN AWAY AND NEVER COME BACK.
And you might make Kirby cry.


Even though he doesn't have tear ducts. But you get the idea.
Be friends with the bat-wielding baseball cap-wearing kid up there! Thou must!

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