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Hello everyone ♥

Hello! First time poster here! Nice to meet you all.

Uhh, okay. I'm schlei. Of course that's not my name, but I'm much more comfortable being called that here. I'm 22 year-old female from the Philippines. I don't think I act my age sometimes, but I guess it's fine because it makes interacting with people younger than me easier. But I get along with people older than me fine too, I guess!

Interests and hobbies! I watch a lot of jdramas, but my favorite are the detective dramas. As for manga, I have read quite a lot of shoujo, but recently, I have been into shonen and josei too. My favorites are Cat Street, Fairy Tail, Kimi ni Todoke, and Gintama. GINTAMA!! Music, well, I like listening to Ayu, AAA, MEG, capsule, DOES and some similar artists.

I really love games. I mostly just play RPGs nowadays, because I have too horrible hand-eye coordination to play them action adventure games. My absolute favorite are the Suikoden games. Also, Final Fantasy 1-6, 9 and Dragon Quest games.. Phantasy Star 1-4 and MOTHER 1-3. For the newer games, I like Tales of games, and Persona 2-4 ♥

I have a fandom list and a scrapbook that you could check for my other interests.

What I have in my journal: It's mostly just ramblings. And I mean ramblings. Most are direct brain to blog words that sometimes just sound really random. But it's fun to do and it seems some of my friends get entertained by it somehow, so it's all ok, I guess! What do I ramble about? Well, there's school, the games I play, stuff that I watch and read. I do lots of memes, and I post silly and/or pretty pictures.

If you do not mind all that, then let's be friends! ♥

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