sparkywolf (sparkywolf) wrote in add_me,

Seeking new recruits in my new, improved, journal

Just checking to see if anyone else is interested in adding me. Or not, LOL. And I'm checking to see if anybody likes the pretty horse I drew (ignore the condition of the paper, it got beat up after I moved it from dorm to back home and back again multiple times over my college career.)

Journal is Semi-Friends Only. I'm open to anyone who shares my interests and my obsession with Japanese TV and culture. More interests can be found listed in my profile. But it's okay even if we don't share many interests at all, as long as I think we'll get along just fine. You'll love my LJ if you like any or all of the following:

1. Cute Japanese boys/bishies/HOT dudes, whatever you'd like to call them. I'm biased though, so there will be pictures of some more than others.
2. Chibis. Anything chibi. If you like chibis in general, welcome! I'll be posting lots of cute chibi pictures!
3. Animals. I especially welcome all horse and cat lovers. Won't be posting about them too much, though. But if you constantly post about horses or cats, by all means feel free to show me these. Pics of your horses or cats would be lovely. I like looking at pics of other peoples' pets. 
4. Music. I listen to a crap-load of j-pop and c-pop. I also like to sing. Shower singers unite! Heck, I don't even care if you're tone deaf! >_^
5. Harry Potter. While I won't be posting about it, if you want to talk about HP in the Blab about Anything thread in my LJ, go ahead. :)
6. Humor. All my posts have some sort of humor in them. If you like to laugh, this is the place for you.
7. Power Rangers. However, I'll be focusing more on its Japanese counterpart. Still, It's morphin' time! If you liked PR, you'll love me. I grew up with it and have watched a bit, if not all, of every season.
8. Anime. While I'm not really much of an anime addict these days, I still like to talk about it. Bonus points to anyone who adores/used to adore Gundam Wing, Cardcaptor Sakura, and or Yu-Gi-Oh! (the original series. If it doesn't have Seto Kaiba in it, then I have no idea what the heck you're talking about.)
9. Robot Unicorn Attack! What can I say, it's addictive.
10. Books. Any Rick Riordan fans out there? Kane Chronicle and Percy Jackson fans will love me, I've read every book from those series so far, and I want to hear what other people think about the books.
11. Kamen Rider! (Not the crappy Masked Rider that everybody hated back in the 90's. Please, anything but that!! >o<)

Friends are always welcome, though I might not comment on your LJ unless I have something to say. So don't be offended, because I do read other peoples' posts even if I don't comment on them. Open minded people are welcome. Even if you have no clue what the heck I blab about in (most of) my posts, if you're willing to sit through them, that's great! But no flaming or swearing in my journal please. I've never swore and never will, and I'm really am a sensitive gal, so don't make me cry. Because if I cry that's bad. ;_;

Oh, and of course, comment to be added so I know who you are, either here or under my LJ friends-only post. :).

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