Jamie_baby14 (jamie_baby14) wrote in add_me,

Hello! :D

My name is Jamie!
Since my name really doesn't get the pleasure of having a nickname, someone came up with calling me Jamiebaby, because I'm such a cry baby and will never look my age.
Just in case your wondering, I'm only 18, turning 19 eventually :].
Sometimes it's hard to tell how old I am, but it's okay, i'm a goof and it's fun. I'm very capable of being serious if needed :D

Things I like:
*Anything cute!*
*My wonderful boyfriend of almost two and half years*
*Being with the people I are about the most*
*Being a goofball*
*Reading comics in my free time*
*Watching fun tv shows*
*Giving advice*

Things I don't like:
-Big Dogs-
-Rude people-
-Being ignored-
-Sweaty feet-
-My very low self-esteem-
-People telling me I can't do something-

I know it's almost impossible to learn so many things I person has to learn about them through simple little things like this, but thats why I put it.
If people wanna know more about me it would be wonderful to add me :]
I'm very friendly, but if you don't like straight forward people then you might wanna stay away.
so add away people and get to know the real me :]

You wont be dissapointed.
Well you might be, hahah, but your never gonna know if you don't try! :D

<3 Toodles.

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