S, As In Sam (warmsnob) wrote in add_me,
S, As In Sam

Sam Sends Salutations...

I reside in God's Country, Illinois having been a transplant from my home of 20+ years on the east coast- Virginia's tidewater region to be exact. I miss the ocean, and the accessibility to nearly everything that life in the city provided. Though living in Farm Land, USA does have it's advantages. Peace and quiet being one of them. Miles of roads for running and cycling being second and third...

I mostly post about my thoughts on Christianity, life in general in the midwest, living with mental illness, photography, my family, various writing (including poetry) or art projects I'm working on (some of my older artwork and related material can be found here, at deviantart.com), books I am currently reading, music and lyrics, et cetera, et cetera. Entries of a more personal nature are locked, while those that aren't remain public. Feel free to friend me if you'd like, perhaps we can find common ground.

In addition to writing, and the arts, I enjoy running, cycling, working out, singing if the mood suits me, and being strange. I like quoting random and quite useless facts, much to the chagrin of those around me. I also enjoy using large words that most individuals don't understand. I feel as though it makes me seem more intelligent than the rest of my peers. Perhaps, perhaps not. I am prone to speaking nonsensically.

For you typers out there, I can be pigeon-holed by the following:
    - Religion: Christian
    - Myers-Brigg Temperament: INFJ (with a tendency towards INTJ)
    - Astrological Sign (hogwash, I tell you!): Leo-Virgo Cusp
    - Chinese Zodiac: Dog (or werewolf, depending on how I feel)
    - Blood Type: B+ (which is ironic for one who is somewhat of a pessimist)
    - Ethnicity: Asian (Pakistani)-American (Cherokee/German/Irish); or if you prefer Heinz-57 or Mutt. I prefer Asian American, it's easier for demographics purposes on job applications.
    - Sexual Orientation: Sexually Deactivated/Celibate/Asexual
    - Gender: Male
    - Political Affiliation: Independent
    - Exercise junkie
    - Bibliophile
    - Writer (as yet unpublished)
    - Artist/Illustrator
    - Photographer
    - Cat-lover (in a house of dog-lovers, do the math, I'm out of my element in more ways than one)
    - Avid houseplant collector

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