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Almost always bored.

Hi everyone!

Here's a brief (sorta brief) Intro about me. I am really tired right now so please forgive me if I forget something. And thanks for reading!

  • I am twenty-something.
  • a chick- in a very long term relationship.
  • I am manic-depressive a.k.a. Bi-polar.
  • I rant and rave a lot.
  • I love to theorize about my condition.
  • I have a few little ones.
  • I curse when I am frustrated.
  • I speak my mind, and hope not to offend anyone.
  • I don't like the views of any one religion enough to claim one.
  • I don't work, my partner does.
  • I'm moody as hell.
  • Often quite boring lol.
  • I love animals.
  • I have two cats & three dogs.
  • I clean a whole lot.
  • I ramble sometimes.
  • I am human.
  • I like soft things.
  • I seriously believe facebook is an experimental government intel operation lol.
  • I would love to learn photography.
  • I do not know much HTML- but I'm trying.
  • I like the show Weeds, for obvious reasons.
  • I <3 my Ipod.
  • All music rocks.
  • This<-------> is my world- I will do as I wish!
  • I am trying to find "me"!?!

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