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I might make the text to this blue. bugger it; why not?

I posted this intro a few months ago. I'm far too lazy to write a new one, so I think I'll just post it again.

Hello, I'm foldedtowels, I've added countless people, I've deleted countless people. Me and 80% ( v.rough, made-up estimate) of LJ simply do not get on. (Read: I get bored easily.) I can be quite snarky, and rude, and elitist, and there's possibly some deep-seated psychological problem (Ha!) causing me to act that way but... y'know... most likely not. It's just people are so DULL. It really makes me want to weep.

Anyway, I return to the adding communities periodically, because once in a blue moon I find an LJ friend I really click with, or whose entries I really like. I'm hoping I get lucky again this time.

Some stuff about me:

 - I'm old (too old for any of this, really.)
 - I listen to good music. Belle & Sebastian, Milky Wimpshake, Go Sailor,  One Happy Island and The Field Mice mainly.
 - I'm working towards being a fully-fledged drunk but Gin's pretty expensive.
 - I play video games: Banjo-Tooie, Uncharted, Sonic Colors, Fallout: New Vegas, Kirby's Epic Yarn, Bioshock 2. I think people who like Call Of Duty are chav scum who deserve to be culled.
 - I like to read. Children's fantasy and PG Wodehouse. Bit of Pratchett, too.
 - I didn't go to university. I feel very alienated from people who did, and the whole university culture. You all might as well be living on the far side of the moon.
- I like most animals. Cats mainly, horses almost never. Dogs terrify and fascinate me in equal measure.
 - I have an animal of my own. A cat, predictably. He gets erections for no reason.
 - Unlike my cat, I'm not really a sexual being. I'm actually pretty uptight when it comes to all that, so if you like going into detail about who you last fucked, I'll probably just make uncomfortable faces at my monitor and delete you. If you're going to be hilarious about it, though, I can forgive you pretty easily.

Oh; here's me in ten years time:

Comments are disabled so just go ahead and add me. I'll add you back, if I feel like it.

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