blazeybug (blazeybug) wrote in add_me,

Hi everyone,

I'm Blazeybug. Little paranoid about putting any personal details on here (you never know who may stumble across your thoughts eh?) so just call me Blaze.

Not really sure what to write on here so will just give you 25 random snippets...

1.) I am 100% terrified of The Chuckle Brothers. No, it isn't funny - it's frightening!
2.) Before I decided I was too cool for school I was predicted straight A's.
3.) I never lose my memory after a drink, I regret but never forget, although I pretend too.
4.) I am a truly gifted liar when I want/need to be, however I usually opt for honesty
5.) I would prefer to be male - life would be so much easier.
6.) I have a birthmark just above my ass
7.) I have never met some of the individuals that helped shape me into the person I am today
8.) I am pretty sure I do not have patience to ever be a parent
9.) I prefer feeling angry to feeling sad.
10.) When I have a problem I will share it with friends, although I rarely discuss my intimate feelings on the subject - I avoid that as much as possible.
11.) I am allergic to asprin
12.) I was kicked out at 14
13.) I am extremely easy to annoy, but I don't hold a grudge for long
14.) At one point in my life, I wanted to be a social worker
15.) I enjoy spending money on other people more than I enjoy spending it on myself
16.) I can't stand making small talk, although I do it and am good at it, I HATE IT!!
17.) Not many people know the real me. They all see various sides but very rarely the whole package
18.) I love trying to suss out other people
19.) I realise I come across as a hard faced witch and this really doesn't bother me. In fact, most of the time it does me a favour.
20.) It would take a lot of convincing for me to ever marry but I cannot abide the idea of the actual 'wedding' itself... I enjoy other peoples weddings but I would never want it myself.
21.) This year, my goal is to learn more - of everything.
22.) I have a soft spot for real men, particularly bad ones. Stuff all these metro sexual nonsense!
23.) It's quite unusual to hear me genuinely laughing
24.) I hate the idea of disapointing people, particularly people I care about
25.) I have an addiction to Cookie Dozer on the Ipod

Most of my blog is me ranting about my daily life and saying things that I am not allowed to say elsewhere... so read away! 


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