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greetings and salutations

So first things first; I used to be a big time LJ lurker and I've finally decided to make an account.

I just want to meet some interesting people, maybe with similar interests maybe not. I'm tired of my small hick town, I love my friends but I need to find people whose views aren't colored so much by seclusion.

my journal is somewhat anonymous, not that i'm a crazy paranoid with conspiracy theories, I just wanted to try it. I don't want to not have the opportunity to meet someone just because of age or some other trait that is not important to me.

Some crap about me:
 I'm atheist, but I don't care if you're religious as long as you don't try to convert me.(one reason why I don't fit in in my town)

I primarily reside in my own head, if you don't mind.

I'm liberal(another reason)

I'm bisexual and have always identified as such, I am not saying that because it is "edgy" or "hip"

I am an aspiring writer.

I am a vegetarian (my friend calls me veganish) and a die hard for both organic food and candy.

I am sleep anorexic for various reasons.

An incomplete list of my interests goes as follows:
- bandom
- art
- literature and poetry
- british youtubers
- hair, make up, and nails
- random nighttime epiphanies
- movies that make me cry
- music that makes me move
- things that both intrigue and repulse me.
- pretty girls and boys
- androgyny
- lists

Stuff my posts will be about:
- My journal will be treated as that, a journal, I have dealt with many psychological issues so that will be a lot of it but don't think of me solely like that.
-  I love to share music
- some of my writings
- blogs and pictures about how I do my nails and make up (because my friends like it and i'm shallow enough to think that you will too)
- random things that I like
- political and societal rants (occasionally)
- the occasional picspam of pretty things(like people)
- lists

although I have to warn you that my posting schedual will probably be spasmodic.

 so come at me bro I'd love to meet you.

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