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 The thought of pimping myself out is a little scary for me, but, since no one I know actually has a LJ account I figured this would be a good way to make some virtual friends (as well as finding peeps who I can discuss Fringe with since all my friends are losers and don’t watch.) Anyway, to make this a little less awkward for me, I’ve decided to go at it like a real writer: Do it in 3rd person.

Tania (AKA Pennythepants) was born in Viseu, Portugal. She moved to London, England when she was ten years old with her mother and sister, and has refused to leave ever since.

She loves yoga, but is too lazy to practice it, and if she had the will power, she would be a vegetarian. She loves to read, and loves receiving things in the mail.

Besides writing, her hobbies include drawing, photography, crafting, cooking asking unnecessary questions, and taking things apart to see how they work.

She gets distracted easily, and spends most her days daydreaming and she will constantly zone out of conversations, much to the annoyance of her loved ones.

She's been part of LiveJournal for a while now, although she has stopped posting for a while due to the aforementioned laziness.
She would like to build a small circle of friends that would encourage her to become a more active member of LJ, by sharing stories, interests and simple randomness. Her posts consist of fandomness, writing, and a little bit of life. And fandomness.

A love for all things Fringe is preferred but not required. Her other current televised interests are: Nikita, Warehouse 13, The Walking Dead and How I Met Your Mother.
She likes to listen to Katie Herzig, Andrew Belle, 30 Seconds to Mars, Lifehouse, Brooke Waggoner, Mozella, Dishwalla, The Fray, Linkin Park, Jack’s Mannequin, and Snow Patrol.
Her favourite movie of all time is The Phantom of the Opera, and she would happily watch the stage opera every night if she could.

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