Roxanne Infante (sourbiiteroxxy) wrote in add_me,
Roxanne Infante


My name is Roxy :)

I love writing. Singing, even though I can't.
I've been on LJ since 2004.
I love making friends, though I don't really have a true best friend, wish I had such a person though.
I start college this April. I'm very excited & scared, that I won't try hard enough, and just say f-it..
But I really want to do this, so I think if I stick my mind to it, I'll do it. I'll be studying Management.

I'm 18, which means yes, I graduated high school last spring. After graduating I quit my job of a year, moved 4hrs away from my home & in 3 months, got a better job :) All these people that say they're un-employed & can't find a job, make me laugh. If I can do it, without even trying, they can too.

I don't drive, I'm pretty much the nicest person you will ever meet unless you try to be all up on my boyfriend. Then, and only then, will i destroy your world, & everything you believe in. I know, I've done it multiple times, to many girls. So, just, don't try :)

I own a Chrokie, - Chihuahua, yorkie mix. I love her. She is EVERYTHING TO ME. Her name is Bella, & yes, it's from Twilight.
I work all the time, but I never run out of time to write and talk to my friends/family.
My iPhone is my life line, completely.
I dislike cats, I love guinea pigs, chinchillas, hermit crabs, & hamsters.
I recently stopped eating ground beef. NEVER AGAIN.
I love linkin park, trapt, & yellowcard.
oh & i'm always on livejournal, ALWAYS at least 3 times a week if not 6. XD

Sooo.. ADD ME if you think I'm awesome?
I always add back :)

ps. please update. please talk. i don't want to be friends if you only update once a year, like really? CREEPER.
ahem. <333

Did i mention i'm sexy? justkidding <3

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