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I'll just get to the important facts:

What my LJ consists of:
- Some ranting here and there (but really, not an unhealthy amount)
- Introspection (I am such an introvert)
- Food (I'm a total foodie)
- Dreams and dreaming
- Sex, drugs, alcohol (a lot of the first one)
- Some erotica
- Anger about sexism
- Contemplation of death
- Literature & arts
- A lot of stream of consciousness writing, nonsense here and there, mixes of language (I speak four languages)
- My 'flings' and 'relationships' and friendships
- Family
- Terrible grammar when I'm trying to 'write my mind'
- Some music
- Discussions I have with people
- Philosophizing
- Motherhood and babies (although I don't have any :( )
- School & studying (I'm doing my undergrad)
- Interaction with people
- Some qualms about my weight (although I'm on the skinny side of 'normal' BMI)
- Any of my new ways to say fuck off to society (including my newest hippie approaches)
- A fair amount of swearing
- Social angst
- Poetry, thoughts, aesthetically pleasing phrases strung together that may at first seem like more nonsense 

What you won't find
- Long rants about my boyfriend - because I have none!
- Capitalization of every word I want to stress (I hate when people do this)
- A lot of capitalization of the word "I" (although I did here... I tend to not give myself that much importance)
- Politics
- "Fandom" (I'm not sure what it is I'm meant to be a fan of, but alright...)
- Obsessive spewing about such and such person/movie/song/etc. And if I do admire someone, it really won't last long
- Religion

Continuing with this list layout...

- Greed
- Lust (x1000)
- I tend to forget myself and indulge others too much sometimes
- I can fall into tandems of craziness and self destruction that sort of loop around each other

Nice things about me
- I'm really a very caring person
- I can carry a conversation
- I'm intelligent


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