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I'm not interested in having my list choked with people who don't have an interest in what I do and the like. I'm not a resource for anyone to "increase popularity" or any shit like that. Here's to the hope that some of you will enjoy long conversations, both spastic and serious, as well as the arts.

For the sake of my sanity, call me Robin. That aside, everything else is not publicly on display. I'm a fairly private person, so please don't expect to understand me all at once, or ask for in-depth information, as I can assure you that such a thing won't happen. In turn, I will not ask the you about such things. As long as there's mutual respect and boundaries, everything will be just fine. I'm an artist, with a passion for educational subjects such as History, Art, Writing, English, Reading, and Music. Everything else, in terms of educational subjects, is obsolete.

I draw, paint, create sculptures, and take photographs (both digital and film). In terms of writing, I tend to draw much inspiration from ideas that slap me at random. I write a lot of fanfiction, mainly for anime, movies, games, and television shows. My current favorites are House M.D., Bleach, Final Fantasy X, Kingdom Hearts, and The Dark Knight. I also write a series of poems and short stories, most of which I keep to myself. As I'm very picky about maintaining my work, everything I write and draw is also archived.

Aside from a lengthy list of manga, I enjoy the works of Edgar Allen Poe, William Shakespeare, Agatha Christie, J.R.R. Tolkien, C.S. Lewis,  and William Ernest Henley. I also read a lot of fanfiction, just not yaoi or yuri, as it is unappealing to me. In terms of artistic inspiration, I enjoy browsing the works of Tim Burton, Salvador Dali, and Vincent Van Gogh. In music, I enjoy a wide variety that ranges from alternative to jazz. My favorites being AFI, Ray Henderson, Origa, The Seatbelts, and Danny Elfman.

For movies, I have a very long list that will take up too much time to post. My favorites, however, are mainly films that incorporate Johnny Depp, Tim Burton, Robert Downey Jr., Jackson Rathbone, Liam Neeson, Hugh Laurie, and Heath Ledger.

My main journal is NOT open to everyone. It is strictly a "friends only" place, with the exception of certain posts. If you're simply looking to read my fanfictions, please click here: 
[info]niger_ut_niveus . Fanfiction can also be found here: Laerkstrein. As for my artwork, that will have to wait, as my website is undergoing massive construction which won't be finished until sometime during the summer months.

If you'd like to add me, please click and read the following post:
Listen - Adding.

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