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your mouth is poison.

hello people!
i'm here the same reason you are, i need friends.
because i'm a loser.
i'm not saying you're a loser, don't get it twisted♥
anything you could ever possibly want to know about me can be found either on my journal in the sidebar,
or on my profile page.
but for the sake of convenience, i will tell you a little bit about me here.

my name is sam and i hardly ever use correct punctuation in my journal, get over it :p
i'm twenty years old & i live in a small town in north alabama.
i have a job and i like to throw tantrums about it.
i just moved into a big run down duplex along with my mother, stepdad, and boyfriend.
but they don't support us...actually, we support them.
but i love them so much, i wouldn't have it any other way :)
for more on that confusing subject, see journal entries.
my favorite color is green.
i'm left handed.
i just broke my foot last week because i could've swore i had special flying abilities.
obviously i don't :( i'll work on that, though.
i love piercings, tattoos, painting, reading, playing MMOs, mainly WoW & EQ2.
i smoke pot sometimes, if this is a problem, don't add me.
i'm not much of a drinker or other recreational drug user.
i love thrifting, and i'm exceptionally well at it.
i'm obsessed with make up and fashion, which is weird because i can't really afford to be...
i live on lean cuisines & vitamin water.
i smoke cheap menthol cigarettes, but i'm working on that.

*in my journal~
you will learn things you probably don't care to know.
you will be blinded by my rainbow colored fonts and backgrounds.
you will hear(or atleast..see...) my favorite musicians, artists, and rants about video games that i suck at.

so...friends? maybe?

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