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My name is Megan. I turned eighteen at the end of January, and it really doesn't feel any different to be an 'adult' than it did to be seventeen. It's just strange to know that I am eighteen :|

I just started writing in my journal yesterday, despite having it since the day after Christmas. So far I've bitched and moaned about high school, but I SWEAR that's not all my journal is going to be. The most likely things I'll update about are:

+ TV shows I'm watching
+ Music
+ News stories I find interesting
+ Occasional bitching and moaning about high school and other things that piss me off
+ College news
+ Pictures, etc
+ If the mood ever strikes me, I will post my writing. I used to write a lot, and be quite good at it, but I seem to have (mostly) lost that touch.
+ Book reviews

I am very interested in politics and other things happening in the world. I try to keep myself informed, and I will probably post about the things I learn/read in my journal. I have very strong beliefs, but I won't try to sway you one way or the other as long as you provide the same courtesy ^_^ I like having intelligent discussions, especially with people who disagree with me. It means I get to have a different perspective, and that is something I appreciate.

In conclusion: Please add me :D I believe I'm quite nice, and I like meeting/talking to new people.


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