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It’s strange. I’ve had an account on livejournal for longer than I care to remember, but until now it’s role in my life has never progressed past that of a secret diary- as of this moment, I have posted precisely 117 journal entries and added precisely 0 friends. And while I suppose there’s nothing wrong with those statistics in and of themselves, I’m beginning to feel that I’m missing the point somewhat. All these people that I’ve been living in parallel with for so long- who exactly are they? What sorts of experiences would they choose to fill up 117 lj entries with?

I really want to know, and I think I finally have the time to devote to finding out. Thus, this poorly written act of public exposure. (clears throat, waves awkwardly). Hello, my name is rainbowjar. I’m a college sophomore studying biology and French, although I dabble in basically every other subject known to man. When I have free time, I split it between 1) constructing an elaborate and implausible fantasy future in which I become a superdoctorhero who flies around the globe in a fashionable cape fighting medical injustice/capitalism/the Man and 2) consuming and producing cheesy sci-fi. It’s a good life. I have few complaints.

As far as specific interests go… I have a really comprehensive list of them on my profile.   You probably aren’t going to go look there, so I’ll summarize: Doctor Who. More Doctor Who. Writing, reading, cooking, headbanging, and Christianing (which I promise is not a synonym to me of “protesting at abortion clinics/soldiers’ funerals/gay weddings”). As for my journal, I mostly write about amusing or otherwise exciting things I encounter in my journey through life, with the occasional though rare explosion of personal drama.

So… you know the drill. If there's you find interesting here, please add me, and I will add you back, and the world will grow a little bigger!

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