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Hi there!

I posted earlier on-way back there!-but thought I'd come back and say hi.  =)

My name is Cleta. I'm 41 and a mom to two teen-age boys 18 and 15. Hubby and I have been married almost fifteen years. I live in Rhode Island-you know, that teensy weensy dot in the east side of the US map? Yeah. That's us.


music-my fave bands are Green day and My Chemical Romance. I'm lucky to have seen GD twice and I'm begging to go see MCR if our budget allows it, Three Days Grace, Seether, Duran Duran...I've been to a lot of concerts and love to talk about them
tv-ok, I am HUGE Supernatural freak. Hands down. But I also like The Big Bang Theory, Law and Order SVU, the latter seasons of Law and Order with Jeremy Sisto(although I've been watching it since the day it started), Being Human, Face Off,Top Chef, Ghost Hunters, Buffy and Angel, stuff like that
cats-I have two, Loki is 4 1/2 and Snoopy is 12
hanging out with my kids-we actually do get along since my maturity is about their level-lol
video games-I'm playing Pokemon Black right now but I am also fluent in Mario
reading-I love the Twilight series, Stephen King, Richard Laymon, Keith DeCandido, Sherilynn Kenyon...I read horror
movies-I am a HORROR buff!!! I also like the Pirates of the Caribbean series, Twilight, Friday the 13th (2009 and the classics), My Bloody Valentine, usually anything with Johnny Depp
stars-I am a HUGE Jared Padalecki and Billie Joe Armstrong fan!!! Billie Joe is the singer/guitarist for Green day. I also have a thing for Gerard Way, singer for MCR. I had the pleasure of meeting him about 4 years ago-he's a sweetie. I also like Johnny Depp, James Marsters, Chris Jericho, Jackson Rathbone (Jasper from 'Twilight')
fan fiction-I both read and write slash fiction. Slash is two men together, so please disregard this post if that type of thing bothers you. I write for MCR, Green Day and Supernatural, and belong to a few different communities. The Green Day one I belong to is (insert shameless plug here)  comingclean 
I am a Scorpio if that means anything-lol. I am pretty openminded and friendly. I'm bi-polar which is a big part of my life but not so big that it takes it over. I'm sarcastic and bratty. I don't post all the time but when I do it's usually pretty long. Oh-and I have a wicked sense of humor bordering on the morbid side. I love to make new friends, maybe even a penpal. I haven't had one since I was a teenager so one might be nice.  =)

Jersey Shore and that ilk
Mtv in general
People who take themselve-and life- too seriously
People who party too much-I've lost a few friends to drunk driving, no more please
Mean people-that's a given right?

So hello, if you like what you see feel free to add me.
Talk at ya soon!!!!


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