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Hi there, yes I'm a real person and walking mass of contradictions. Today my focus is on rediscovering my spirituality, battling bitchin' depression, and making new friends who are crawling, walking, stumbling and tripping down these same roads.My profile is public, what you see is what you get:-) I'm a fan of beautiful art, enjoy gourmet cooking for family and friends, all my fur babies are rescues. I like to prowl flea markets and garage sales for undiscovered treasures. I love blues, all genres of rock, anything but country (sorry). I'm generous to a fault with those I love. BFD, money is nice to have but you can't take it with you. Anything else you're curious about, add me and I'll add you right back. Everyone has a unique and special story to share, I'll share mine if you'll share yours. Happy thoughts and ten thousand blessings upon you.
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