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So much to know, so little time.

 I'm Haley, you can call me whatever you want, as long as I know you're referring to me, it's fine. :-) 
I'm 19, I'm a chick. I'm a sophomore in College. I live in Vermont, USA. 
I'm a writing major, which means that I obviously really like writing (duh). I also like to critique other peoples writing. I like picking things apart for the benefit of making it awesome. 
I write fiction mostly, I'm good at non-fiction but I haven't had nearly enough interesting experiences in my life to actually write a lot of it.  
I also really really really really love photography. I'm not like a professional-know-what-every-camera-setting-ever-does photographer, but I've taken one film/darkroom class, and was good at it, and I've been taking digital pictures for a while, and I like it, so yeah. 

I had a live journal from 2004-2008, and then I just stopped posting. So now that its' been 3 years I figured i should probably just scrap the old one and start anew, which means, that I have no friends on LJ (seriously, my friends are just my other journals, it's really sad). 
I really like writing in blog format, as in, I like writing about myself (who doesn't) but I like to have comments on what I write because, I mean, I like to write so other people can read it, so writing to no one is kind of disappointing for me. 
I like to comment on other people stuff, I'm nosy. I'm caring, I'm enthusiastic, I'm really obnoxious, and loud, and goofy, and weird. I get along with most people, but I don't like to censor myself, and I don't like to pretend to be something I'm not so that people will like me, that's not my style, but I'll give anyone a shot at being my friend. 
This might make things easier: 
Things I like
Music (Metal, Folk Metal, Rock, Alternative, Classic Rock, a lot of random stuff) 
Oblivion/Fallout/Games made by Bethesda 
The Sims
Minecraft (shit I'm a geek) 
People who are funny
Sarcasm (something I'm good at)
Things I don't like
Bad drivers (this is a large category that includes everyone on the road that isn't me in most cases)
Unwillingness to accept and work with criticism
Not being able to open your mind even a crack 
other stuff
I'm generally easy going. 
Not hard to get along with. 
Like most people I enjoy attention. 
I love meeting new people and making friends. 
I'm awesome. 
If you want to know anything else (like specifics on what bands/books/movies I like) just ask me, and I will be extremely happy to answer. 
Comment if you're adding me, so that I don't just have random ass people adding me and making me think I have stalkers. 
Uh yeah. 


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