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I'm Jodie, 19, from the UK, studying Psychology in my first year of University (nah, don't want to be a psychologist or anything, I'm going to be an author! Work that one out xD). I'm an animal loving Libra. I love to read and write (mostly fantasy though I classify Jodi Picoult as my favourite author) and I love music, rock especially. I'm also a huge fan of Japanese music (and language, culture, anime and manga). I don't normally watch TV but I'm currently obsessed with a show called "Bones" <3
Hmm... I would say I'm open minded but I can be opinionated too, and ridiculously stubborn! I hate it when things don't make sense and I can get overly emotional over the smallest of things. I love photography, astrology, dragons and random things that make me laugh! I’m a weird, random and friendly girl who will comment on people’s LJs :) If you want to be friends (you’re insane ;P) you don’t have to comment, adding will be fine! Glad to meet you all! Hope you have a fantastic weekend x


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