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Winchester, like the rifle.

sort of old, but still me.

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This is sort of a repost, because recently my boyfriend dumped me (read: he said not to call him anymore) and my jobs aren't really calling me in for a lot of hours. So that means a lot of heartbreak and a lot of time to do sweet fu-k all about it. Also, I have no idea if I'm allowed to swear here, so I'll just censor myself and stay on the safe side.

Shows that I like include but are not limited to: Supernatural, House, NCIS, Castle, Private Practice, Firefly, Dark Angel, Merlin, the Big Bang Theory and Grey's Anatomy.

My favourite bands are without a doubt
: My Chemical Romance, Greg Laswell, Pete Yorn, Asian Kung-Fu Generation, Madina Lake, Lady Gaga and Akeboshi. There are more but I'm sort of forgetful like that.

I like anime, and my favourite include
: Witch Hunter Robin, InuYasha (though I never watched all of it are you crazy), Fullmetal Alchemist & Brotherhood, Kara no Kyoukai, Ouran Host Club, Chevalier D'Éon, Dennou Coil and Escaflowne.
Anime movies I love are pretty much all and only from Miyazaki and/or Studio Ghibli.
Some of my favourite books are: The Picture of Dorian Gray, The Inheritance Cycle, The Host, Kitchen, Agrippa, Le Dernier Elfe, Septimus Heap, The Sight, and I know I'm forgetting way too many.

I'm a girl, and I  like videogames. I love Assassin's Creed like it's my baby, I  grew up on Zelda and I sort of explode whenever someone mentions PN03.

I don't like to think of myself that way, but a lot of people say I'm a social butterfly. I do like to talk a lot, and meet new people who share common interests, but that aside, I think I'm a pretty shy, reserved person. You really need to get to know me to appreciate just how weird I am. My mom once said I was an acquired taste.

I believe in the supernatural, sort of. Because there's some weird shit that's happened to me that science will never really be able to explain. I like to stay up late, and I'm taking three in the morning late here. I also like to sleep in, but not too much, because then I feel like I've wasted too many daylight hours. So I prefer waking up really early, before the sun. But that hardly ever happens. (Read: it only happens when I have a hospital appointment.)

I'm currently out of school and am handling two jobs to help support my parents. I plan on going back to school in auto mechanics. I've got a year of English literature study. More or less. I did want to become a writer, but that's not exactly going the way I planned it, but I'm still trying to write. Meaning I'm still failing horribly at finishing anything I start.

In five years, I want to get out of this town, province, country, and explore the world. I want to go travel around Europe, alone, with someone, I don't know yet. I'm already putting money aside, and hopefully it'll be enough to last me for a little while. Because my lifelong dream is to suddenly be zapped into another world/universe that is parallel and/or tied to our own. But since that's never going to happen, I might as well do a few crazy things before I get too old.

Important things you may want to know:
 I am eighteen years old, turning nineteen in May, cannot stand bad spelling/grammar, live in Canada, am very much female kthx, and the reason I don't have a link to Facebook is because it's friends only, and I seldom add people I don't know IRL. I  am gender blind, fully support gay rights, am almost physically unable to feel hatred or anger and am a tree lover. Seriously. I cried when we had our maple tree cut down. Also, avid J2/Wincest shipper. So, beware. Also, this is slightly relevant, because it makes me feel prettier.

If you think we have any chances of being friends, message &  friend me! Sending a message ahead would be pretty awesome, though you could also leave a comment here, so I actually know who you are.

And my hats are awesome.


Winchester, like the rifle

Adding you now. Your bf is an ass. A better will appear when you stop looking for him. Check out my profile. You sound like a really cool friend.

Re: Winchester, like the rifle

Checked profile. I grew up/learned everything from the Discovery channel. And your blended spiritual beliefs make me smile and remind me of a friend of mine.

I live with bitchin' depression, which is why I'm here to make some friends. Suicide would fuck up my karma for at least the next 10,000 lifetimes.


Re: Winchester, like the rifle

Same here, lokkin forward to it=D

Re: Winchester, like the rifle

...just to make sure, but your year of birth is 1958, right? (It never hurts to double check.)

Re: Winchester, like the rifle

Yep, came into this world at the end of the baby boomers, got to enjoy the end of the hippie generation. Yah I know, it messes with younger people sometimes. That's why I'm usually the resident renegade at work:D

Re: Winchester, like the rifle

AWESOME. You are officially more hip than my father. (Who is only two years younger, spends all his time on WoW, yet cannot comprehend basic internet protocol.) Man, sometimes I wish I had been a hippie. Would have made my life so much easier.

I think. Maybe.

Re: Winchester, like the rifle

Awesome blossom:D

Re: Winchester, like the rifle

Sorry, the last one was kind of abrupt. The kettle started to sing for my second cup of Tazo 'Rest' tea, didn't want to wake my spousal unit.
I do miss those days, sometimes. It's weird, most of my friends back then were older, but then again, they always had the best party supplies.
Today it's really satisfying to see younger adults who are hopeful about making the world a better place. I mean, if I can't make the world as better a place as I want, I sure as hell don't want to make it worse.
Peace out:-)

Re: Winchester, like the rifle

...I wish I had that kind of kettle. Mine don't sing. :c Also, Tazo tea is the best. I personally prefer their Chai tea, though.

Older friends buy booze. They're great. (Not that I need someone else to buy alcohol for me, but older friends are still the bomb.)

It's a shame that not everyone thinks the way you do. :\ A lot of the 40 to 60 year olds I know either don't give a damn about the world and the other people in it, or figure that we're already all doomed so why make an effort. I can understand the latter, but that doesn't mean we can't try to make things slightly better.
YES, YES, NINE KINDS OF YES. Your profile's interests list Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles. (And Sam.)

We will be the best of friends.
I actually have no idea. I just saw the ones that were bolded (which are common interests!) and I was like OMG SAM SAM SAM YAY JEN AND JAY. Etc. You know. General fangirly senseless gibberish.

THANK YOU. <3 I take great pride in my hair and its awesome qualities.
Miyazaki + Videogames + Supernatural = awesome ^_^ I've friended you :)
adding, I think you might be interesting. :)
You also seem intersting. You come off as creative and you can actually type in proper english. We'll see where this goes. c:
... can also type in proper english. :)
I'd like to be friends!
Added. : )
OHAI, I think we have a lot in common actually. Animu + music + vidya gaems etc~

You said Vidya gaems.

Insta-friend. <3
Hey hey.

We're around the same age (nineteen here!), both handling two jobs, can't stand bad spelling/grammar and want to be writers.

I also love My Chemical Romance and saw them live in February. Guh ♥.
Photos from the night, and of Gerard (;D) are public on my journal if you're interested/want a quick drool ;)

We seem to have quite a bit in common and it'd be cool to be friends :)


Edited for my atrocious grammar in the first sentence D:

Edited at 2011-03-29 12:45 pm (UTC)
Oh, so that's why I had a double-comment. <3 I was wondering.

...oh. mygod. You--AUGHSdighkdfh. I can only see them April 20th. I am so looking forward to it. But, unlike the first time I saw them (in 2006) I don't want to watch any videos or look at any pictures. I want 0 standards so that my mind can be blown away to fucking Mars, as it should be.

Moreover, which two jobs are you handling? /nosy

Also, adding. c:
Hehe, yes. I commented, then read it and thought "GAH! Hypocritical much?" So I rewrote it so it made sense ;)

Ooh, less than a month to go! Fair enough, come look when you get back! See if the guys wore the same clothes. And the only spoiler thing I will say, is your mind definitely will be blown away to fucking Mars if they're as good on the 20th as they were in Birmingham!

Cats and Kids. I work as an unqualified playworker for a primary before-school club, serving breakfast and the like, and then, when I leave there...I go to the local cattery and serve them breakfast. And clean litter trays, lots of litter trays. Then some evenings I go back to the out-of-school-club to help out. How about you?

Rewriting comments for the benefit of others. Heart.

Ohmygod, that's exactly what I'm going to do. I am going to take so many pictures and I will whine and complain that they weren't wearing the same thing--because, unlike TBP, I doubt they'll be wearing the same thign for every show, especially since this is Canada--and then spaz out because I actually saw them live. After five years. I have been waiting. So long.

Ohmygod. Your jobs sound so much more fulfilling than mine. I'm just a cashier as a department store, though I've been laid off until the first week of April. And I work at my aunt's store when she needs me. They both pay decently, though since I'm not declared as an employee at my aunt's store, I'm paid under the table. (No taxes whoo.) It's never much though; a couple days a month, when I'm not working 20+ hours at Zellers.
I am trying to fix my schedule to be able to pull a few volunteering hours at either the homeless shelter downtown or the animal shelter. It's going to come down to which one's closest, because both are over an hour's commute away. (I have no license, so I bus and subway my way everywhere.)

...I talk a lot, jsyk.

Hehe, I'd been waiting around the same length of time. But I'd never seen them before February. So it was even more awesome. Concert virginity too ;)

Haha, it is and it isn't. There's a lot of bitchiness among the staff at the out of school club, and there's a lot of shit (literally!) at the cattery. It is pretty fun when it's good though. My wages are pretty low though D;

Ah awesome. Good luck with that! I have no license either so I feel your public transportness. I takes me an hour or so by bus to see my boyfriend compared to 10 minutes in a car because the bus insists on going ALL THE WAY to town, to then make me get off and catch another one to come ALL THE WAY BACK, but not exactly all the way back. If that made any sense whatsoever.

No worries, jsyk, I do it too!
Oh. My god. 2006 was my first concert ever, and I think they're honestly the best band to see live for the first time. The crowd's really nice around here, and the worst that happened was thing guy who passed out, and people body surfed him to the guards up front.

Bitchiness is everywhere, I think. It's a shame it has to be that bad at the school club. :\ But at least you don't hate your job(s), which is a lot more than a lot of people can say. c: I mean hey, at least you don't work at McDonald's.

Christ. Yeah, your bus story does make sense. My bus just goes straight to the subway, so it rarely take me more than half an hour. But having to go the long way around. That sort of sucks. But I am happy I'm not the only over-eighteen to not have a license. <3
You sound like a fascinating person. You actually liked Two and a Half Men, which, although I love it too, is hard to find. Anywhere. Around here, anyways.

I think I'm going to religiously read all of your posts just in some vague hope of catching something about your (I'm assuming) adorable daughter. Call it living vicariously through you. Lord knows I'm not having kids any time soon.

I don't think we have the same taste in music, but I've been trying to find a reason to get more into the oldies. ; ) Also, coffee. People assemble over coffee. Internet is not an exception to that, it seems.

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