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Second go.

My f-list is in need of refreshing so I'm writing on this community again. I suck at introductions and I'm feeling lazy, so I'm going to just ruthlessly copy paste a piece of an entry from my journal.

I love baking but I love it more when others eat what I make.
From some reason I like washing the dishes myself. I have adapted to sharing this chore with the dish washer though.
I can't live without animals. The longest I've managed to do this were the first 3 months after I moved on my own when I was 18.
I don't want a career right now, I just want to make money. Everything I want to do in life are hobbies and stuff at home.
I can't wait to be a mother.
I'm a very active person, I play tennis, jog, walk for miles a day, cycle, swim etc and I get easily frustrated in the Winter when I can hardly do anything.
I've always wanted to learn to play the saxophone, guitar and piano, but sadly I'm pretty much tone deaf.
I often speak my mind but don't mean to be rude even if I disagree. You are officially allowed to mentally slap me if I'm ever rude to any of you, since I'm still learning to be polite. I'm not really a people person.
I'm shy and introvert mostly but with my closest friends I'm social, relaxed, talkative, cheery, laugh a lot etc. Luckily I've been blessed with many dear friends.
I've recovered from a serious eating disorder. Haven't considered myself sick in few years now.
I'm very prone to stress. If I'm nervous, I get nauseous, tense, unfocused and pretty much just climb on walls.
I'm sort of a hippie in a do-it-yourself sort of way. I knit and sew most of my clothes and accessories.
I love fashion but don't really care to dress up myself that often.
I also love shoes and I have about 70 pairs not counting sneakers etc. Not a hippie in that way, I'm afraid.
I'm a writer, even though I don't think about publishing. I write for pleasure and because I can't not write.
I'm seriously addicted to coffee, cigarettes and beer. All which I guess I need start quitting.
I'm ambidextrous but I mostly write with my left hand.
I'm a lucid dreamer. These days I can't control my dreams that often but I can still change the dream I'm seeing if it's turning into a nightmare.
I'm scared of needles and wasps.
I dream of a pet dragon. And don't come telling me that they don't exist, that's just silly.
I hate rap music.
Then again I like pretty much all kind of music, from classical to country and from heavy metal to pop.
I'm a fake but very devoted red head. Sometimes I change to black but the red color always comes back.
I love games, all sorts; board games, computer games, video games, old and new.
I especially love horror games, lately Amnesia, but I'm too scared to play them. So yeah, that's a dead end right there.
I have the same thing with Japanese horror films. I keep buying those but then end up watching them from under the covers and between my fingers.
I tickle easily. Except when I use my superpowers of not giving a shit.
I know grammar pretty well but I keep making stupid typos because I write so fast. So bare with me and ignore those.
Stupidly I'm also pretty much of a grammar police.
I dislike volunterily stupid people; those who don't care about things. I'm not talking about caring about politics etc but every person should aspire to sophisticate themselves to a point.
Actually I pretty much just hate stupid people. I have few friends that are dear to me but such dumb asses who have no clue about life and sometimes I just want to kill them - or myself.
Sarcasm is pure love. Unless you need to explain it, then it's ruined. Sort of takes me back to stupid people...
I never really get mad. I have a strong temperament but I just end up ranting to myself for a few minutes, going to a cig and then I'm an angel again. I don't argue, I only talk or debate.
Mean people tick me off.
I've only hit a few people but when someone's being mean or hurting people that are dear to me, I don't care how stupid violence is. I don't turn into a raging bitch but no one messes with my dolls.
Adding to the previous, I know how to make my point very clear with a few well chosen sentence instead of ranting.
I love movies, all kinds of. Old and new and if I have the time, I can easily watch from 3 to 5 movies a day.
I parted myself from the Church but still consider myself as a Christian. I believe in God but hate the Church and don't need it or want anything to do with it. My strings are purely attached to God, not the Church.

Apart from that, I don't know what you want to know. I'm just a random person on the internet writing random words on a random page at random times. When I'm not doing that, I'm a 26 years old female living in a house in Finland with the love of my life, our three dogs and three cats and just recently found out that I'm carrying our first child. I'm extremely happy about it, but no worries, I'm not going to turn into those obsessing expecting women, even though I might get a little... overly excited once in awhile. Aww, heck, add me and find out more if you want to. I really, really don't like introductions.

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