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hello there.
I'm posting to this community because the first time I did I found some great friends and I figured that I can never know too many wonderful people.
I live primarily in my own head. I love to hear about other people's takes on life. Pretty laid back. I hope you don't mind dark tinged whimsy.Semi- Anonymous journal(what does that even mean?) in that I do not reveal my age, where I live, or other things like that that I don't deem necessary to get to know me. I feel like those things get in the way. I promise I'm not 12; nor am I 63. I'm a tiny bit of a grammar nazi, for lack of a better word.

Basic Info
- Bisexual, I also enjoy playing up both my androgyny and my femininity alternately
- vegetarian
- liberal
- atheist
- chronic dreamer

That's the basics, but please don't think of me just in those terms

What My Posts Are About
- I wish to be a published writer one day, and I post some of my short stories and poetry
- I enjoy taking pictures, not professionally but I've been told that they're good
- I have struggled with/ am struggling with some depression and anxiety issues( but isn't everyone) so I will mention that
- When I'm not posting my musings, I post my brain dribble
- I'm pretty lighthearted most of the time but sometimes my posts are pretty personal.
- I do not post memes, so please don't add me if that is all you post. I do not mind memes, but if that is all your journal is, I don't feel like I can get to know you at all.

I don't mind if we are different.

I will add you back if you add me. I do try to comment often, if I don't comment very often on your posts it's not because I don't read them; I just can't find the right words to say about it. On the other hand I do enjoy comments, even if it is just to let me know you read my post. I post pretty frequently.


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