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Yo Yo

Hello all of you, my name is Magz and I am looking for friends.  I'm a 21 year old female that has lived in the south all of her life, yet has no accent to prove it.

Some things I love to talk about:
Harry Potter
Lord of the Rings
Video Games
Risk strategies
A Very Potter Musical & Sequel
Music (mostly Rock or Gackt)
Most animes
Fruits Basket
How Seto Kaiba is a sexy beast
Etc, etc.
I am a laid-back gal who does not offend easily and is open to talk about almost anything, so no topic is taboo to me.  I usually just blog about my life and how life is sucky and not fair and all that junk.  But I also post some pictures and go on rants about the Weasley Twins and which one I would most like to marry.  YUP.

And if you know what Suikoden is and like it, please add me so we can nerd out about it  =D

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