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Hey ~future friends~!!

I'm Alice and I'm really, really awesome I promise. Pinky promise even! I'm 19, British and I've just moved out of my parents house and into a caravan for the summer! By the seaside!  I'm addicted to books and feel all giddy every time I buy a new one, though I'm sure that's completely normal! Right?! I'm also a gamer, RPGS FTW! And have hearts in my eyes over TV shows Merlin, Doctor Who, Sherlock and Glee when I'm in the right mood for it.

I'm gonna be writing on about everything going on in my life at the moment and there's quite a few things :D I'd love to have some friends to vent and/or squee to and some journals to read since this journal is all new and shiny! There's a long "about me" here if you want the extended version but yes, beeee myyy friend oOoOoO

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