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Heeere's ellis!

Hi there :)
To start off, my name's Ellis, and I'm 18 this year.
Birthday's on December (haha not exactly 18 yet then)
I'm currently a humble worker at a McDonald's restaurant near where I live.

I live in Malaysia, the state Pahang.
Wanting to pursue studies with art, preferable Film and Animation subjects. (cross my fingers for that)
With that, yes, I love art, and have been drawing/painting ever since I could use my little baby fingers.

Mainly I enjoy the 'anime and manga' culture.
I'm a big fan of Yamane Ayano, Youka Nitta and CLAMP's work: HOLiC.
Yes, I enjoy the entertainment of 'yaoi', but I prefer to call it as BL.
No, I'm not a fan-gasmic fangirl how most people see BL fans like. (but really, I believe that people tend to become over-excited too much sometimes)
Da Vinci has been my inspiration for his brilliant architectural designs <3
I'm also quite an animal lover, mainly cats, but I dislike insects with noisy wings. >__>

I'd appreciate to have a few more friends in LJ. some of my posts are friend-locked though,
but if you would like to be friends with me, do send me a PM introducing yourself.


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