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No snowflake in an avalanche ever feels responsible.

It's hard to write about yourself, being a leo I try to moderate self-centered conversations since I so easily take over. I tend run people to the ground with my awesomeness, but I'm working on that.
Since I'd rather not update my bio constantly, I'll just say I was born in 1985 in Alaska. I'm not the Ruff n Rowdy type of Alaskan that is so common in the women up here, I'm more Tuff and Tenacious. I've calmed quite a bit since marrying my super amazing hubby in 2009, but the fire in my blood comes out when needed. I love sports, good food, art and my dog. I want to travel, create, write and have a family. I need spice, adventure, friendship and security. My favorite show is Chopped. My favorite book genre is paranormal romance (*sigh* I know, don't judge me ;) My favorite movie is Zombieland. I suppose I really should put a top 10 list up here, since favorites change with my mood and that's how I usually align my preferred nuances. But then this Bio would just go on forever and the only one who would enjoy reading it was me. Much Love!

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