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joining the crew to resurrect my (zombie) F-list on LJ. :)

I go by the name Ruka, 24-y-o female persona from Hungary, about to finish uni, still looking for my purpose of having been born to this beauu-hoo-teh-fool world. <3

- insects and crawlers (nuuu don's stop reading, now comes the kinder part:)
- foreign languages
- reading  (poetry too)
- biking
- drawing
- beach
- wasting daytime with loffed ones
- umm, well and the rest
Sadly I always have hardships at defining myself, whyy? :<

- Journal is very much average, rants of life or just empty babbling, sometimes photos, or non-meaningful pics from the Net to muse about. Again I might be wrong :D so better check it out yourself, ha ha-


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