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Thinking outside of the box? What Box?!?!?

Hi I am Alex.. 28 years old and so on...

I have a mild interest in almost everything!

I generally just have a wish to write down my thoughts and see what you think. Yes you!. You are reading this, are you not!? If I have sparked any fraction of curiosity, I invite you to read my Entry made on 30th March. You might find it interesting. It includes an argument for how everyone is a genius  :)

Of course this is effectively an “About me” section. But as is a general rule, upon seeing the words “About me” or hearing someone tell you to “Say something!”, the mind suddenly goes blank.

Ok, I would say I think a lot. I think too much to be more accurate. I enjoy my little mind wanderings. I find it greatly difficult to actually write anything down however. And it takes an immense amount of effort to do so. But I shall prevail.

Do I need to write that I like music?!? I don't think I do. Does anyone, know anyone that does NOT like music? Now that is an attitude that would peak my interest.

Anything I say on my posts can possibly cause offence. Often because my perception of the world is somewhat different to the normal way of thinking. And when I mention general rules, They are just that! General rules!! Please remember that every rule has it's exceptions. If a rule does not have an exception, then it is not a rule. It is a fact. I will try to be as accurate as I can with my wording, as to avoid misunderstandings.


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