stupid_chink (stupid_chink) wrote in add_me,


gonna try this again
found some really cool people here so maybe i can find some more!
things have been pretty dead on LJ lately, idk why, if it's the whole DDOS thing or smtg but people are pretty inactive. so i'd like to find some cool new peeps!

i'm a swedish firecrotch 21 yrs old. i post a lot of random stuff. like seriously random
i live in stockholm. i have a hot sexy bf whom i love the crap out of. i love computer/video games. rn i'm playing a lot of L4D2 and killing floor on my PC. i have steam if you wanna try and pwn me.
i have two fuzzy hamsters so if you wanna see pics of cute rodents that's reason enough to add me
ummm yeah. and i try to comment!

OH i'm a girl don't be fooled by the cute azn in my icon (also don't be offended i made this account years ago to troll the shit out of ONTD and i didn't wanna make a new account. i hope to meet the guy in my icon someday and give him a hug)

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