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Hello! I really love making friends, so, if you want, add me and I'll be happy (*ω*).
Some random things about me:

→ I come from Italy and I can speak Italian, Spanish and English (the last, I'm stil a beginner).
→ I love, love, LOVE anime and manga! So, if you're an otaku, welcome to my journal (*O*).
→ I like shounen, shoujo and yaoi. If you don't like boy's love stuff, don't add me! You've been warned! (ù.ù)
→ If you befriend me, I'll post comments on your journal and, sometimes, you'll have to do the same! Understood?
→ I'm an open-minded person! So, even if you have not my same passions, you can befriend me anyway, and I'll be happy! (^_^)

See ya guys!

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