aƨʜʅɛʏ ɱaʀɩɛ ♔ (070408) wrote in add_me,
aƨʜʅɛʏ ɱaʀɩɛ ♔

hello! my name is ashley, i'm 22. i'm not new to livejournal, but i'm new to this journal so i figured i needed some friends. :] i tend to ramble, so i'm going to try to make this short and then you can feel free to add me.

firstly, i update about anything and everything. usually it's about my day and/or the goings on in my life, but i also post photos, meme's, ramblings about fandoms/hollywood/etc. i usually only post once a day but some days i might post two or three entries and other days i might not post at all. it just depends on if i have something to say! if multiple posts by the same person in a day bother you, you might not want to add me. if you want to know a little about me, but don't want to check my ui, i'll tell you that i'm caring, easy going and understanding. of course i can be a complete bitch sometimes, but usually it's only when i get pissed off.

secondly, i don't care about race, religion, sexual preference and all that. however, i'd prefer not to add anyone under the age of 18, and i'm really not comfortable with strange men reading my personal business, so no guys, either. (sorry!) when adding me, please have some common sense because stupidity makes me rage, use punctuation and paragraphs because lack of those things makes my eyes hurt and DoN'T lykkE tyPInG lyKe dIS. also, if drinking, getting high and partying are often the topic of your journal, don't add me because i don't care for those things.

thirdly, the following are some things i like: summertime, reading, harry potter (books & movies), glee, friends, disney, jodi picoult books, paramore, house m.d., btvs, ke$ha, the sims (2 & 3), making graphics, video games, baking, animals, dexter, the spill canvas, christmastime + lots of other stuff. check my ui for more interests, likes and dislikes, if you want.

if you add me, please comment here or in my journal. thank you!

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