swaggerdoodle (ex_swaggerd) wrote in add_me,

Hiya. I've been on LJ for a couple of years but this current account is still fairly new so I'd like to meet some new people.

My journal is a lot of things for me. It's a place to vent, a place to share random thoughts and opinions on various topics. I plan to utilize it more often, especially since I'm going to be starting therapy for the first time pretty soon. I'm also going to be able to use my library card for the first time in years so you'll probably be seeing some book reviews pop up sooner or later.

I'm very opinionated, blunt, and I don't mince words. I can be crude, lewd, and un-PC. I guess this is my Enter with Caution warning sign. I really do try my best not to offend but y'know what they say, you can't please everybody.

My general likes are simple. I'm not currently active in any fandoms. My TV shows are Supernatural, Buffy, Angel, Dexter, Veronica Mars, Dead Like Me, Law and Order SVU (sometimes), and Battlestar Galactica. I love reviewing stuff so be prepared to see reviews for at least some of these in the future. I'll also probably get into reviewing more movies. Other random interests of mine is photography, memes (but not exessively), cooking, scrapbooking, and history (both world and American - I'm from Oregon, USA, btw).

You will also probably hear a lot about my family. My best friend is my older sister and she's on an incredible life journey right now so you'll definitely hear about that. I'll also probably rant about my parents being asshats so beware of parent bashing (hey, it's what us kids do best). Our pets (or should I say pests?) are also a big part of our lives so you'll be hearing about them too.

In a nutshell, this is just a collection of random shit from my random life and I hope to have new people to share it with. xD

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