Euthanasia_Hmpff (euthanasia_hmff) wrote in add_me,

hello everyone.

  im looking for some new friends.  i keep my flist pretty small so i can read and comment (when necessary) as much as possible.  but now my flist has shrunk down tremendously since people seem to be jumping off the lj wagon and on to facebook and whatever else.  this is the only online thing i am a part of and it'll probably stay that way. 

im 28f and live in california.  i usually post whatever is on my mind and i dont edit it.  i am totally honest on lj since that is the whole reason i have it.  i usually write about my day to day life.  but i dont write everyday.  3 or 4 times a week on a normal basis.  things i love is anime, knitting, video games, traveling and my fish tank.  im also getting a turtle so ill probably be posting about that.  my favorite tv shows are 90s sitcoms, House MD and the Big Bang Theory.  i watch others but not so much.   feel free to check out my page and add me if you like =).

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