Mollie (sorryimsorry) wrote in add_me,

Friendly? Why Yes, Yes I Am...

 I’m Mollie, and I live in Maryland. I've been on LJ for quite some time, mostly keeping to myself. Time to make some more friends. Why? I like people. I would probably go insane if kept in solitary confinement, though I don’t mind sitting in a detainment area (because I know someone will come yell at me…eventually. I’ve been there before, but it isn’t my goal to go back…).

I’m 18, I’m a high school student, and I’ll be headed off to college in July, to live with my mom in Tennessee (500 miles away from where I am right now, chillin in Maryland). I’m a huge tomboy (redneck at heart), but occasionally I’ll bend and wear some pink. I love the NHL, MLB, and NFL (also college football and NASCAR). I’m Christian, and it shows on my sleeve. I’m also the type to skip school to go beach combing. I love the beach!
I love interacting with people and making new friends, and I’m SIKED for that aspect of college.
I’m very open about my opinions. I don’t take the time to patch the vulgarity with PC. You either like it, or you don’t. It’s all me.

My journal is a huge amount of raving about idiots in the world, and crazy things I’ve done, or seen done. Some sex, some parties, some drug/alcohol situations, and a few sentimental bits thrown in. I occasionally have moments of pure intellectual gold. But usually…Lots of pictures, and posts, and poetry. I love poetry.

Hope we can be friends!!!! :D


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