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my name is jen & i live in FL with my awesome fiance, and my 3 year old son. i post as often as i can or am feeling antsy, i've got hardcore anxiety and manic-depressive. i've got a very torrid past that haunts me often, and i post about it as often as i can. i'm an unusually nice girl for the kind of life i've lived and i'm pretty proud. my love is my jersey doll, sean and i'm from ny. i guess you could say we're a little stereotypical; loud, accents, belligerent, and hate florida. we're not the jersey shore types (those kids arent even from jersey), seans a freckled blue eyed italian and i'm lightskin mixed hispanic/black. our lives revolve around our son (as should any parent) but once the kid goes to sleep, we're 16 again. i rant and ramble alot, i have hardcore ADHD, the type where it's difficult to get through an entire sentence without forgetting what you were going with this, but i smoke "incense" aka fake reefer, to keep me steady. i'm a true soccer mom at heart.

ps. i don't add new journals or anyone under 18. other than that, i try to be as open as i can to people.

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